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Your Choice of Funeral

We will assist your family in planning a funeral and choosing the options that suit your family's needs and your loved one's wishes. We are able to assist you in holding services in a wide variety of areas. From our chapel to your church or at the cemetery we are able to prepare a meaningful service to honor your loved one. We will listen to your family and help to arrange a celebration of your loved one's life through whatever means you choose. ​

Over the years funeral and burial options have changed. What matters most is that you acknowledge the passing of a loved one in a way that is most meaningful and helpful in your healing.

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"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"    -Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
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Celebrate a Life Well Lived

A funeral ceremony and visitation are more than a ritual to bid farewell. It’s a tribute to honor the distinctive character of one special life – an opportunity to celebrate the experiences, accomplishments, hobbies, heritage, and history of a unique and irreplaceable personality.


There are several options to Celebrating the life of your loved one, some of which are listed below.

Traditional Funeral Services
The traditional funeral service allows the survivors to express and satisfy their own emotional and psychological needs. While the funeral is about the person who has died, it is for the survivors. The funeral service helps family members and friends face the reality of the death. This is the first step toward overcoming grief. There are many ways to personalize a funeral service such as music, video tributes played at the service, displaying personal items, memory boards of pictures, floral arrangements, personal eulogies by family members, friends or minister,s and fraternal services are just a few of the many options available.

Memorial & Celebration of Life Services

Contrary to what most people believe, cremation does not limit a family's choices. Cremation allows the family to still have a funeral service with the casket present. Families may decide to have a memorial or celebration of life service which may or may not include having the urn present. Once the cremation has taken place there are also many options for the family to consider with regards to your loved ones' urn. They may include burial in a family plot, a niche in a cemetery columbarium, scattering, or keeping the urn at home.

Gathering of Family & Friends

Some families may not feel the need for a formal funeral or memorial service with clergy present. Gatherings allow a family to be supported by their family and friends where they can remember the life lived by their loved one. Pictures, music, and food can be arranged as part of this offering. For families who wish only a simple and dignified service for ground burial of the deceased (casket or urn) with an open or private service at the cemetery.

Graveside Services

For families who wish only a simple and dignified service for ground burial of the deceased (casket or urn) with an open or private service at the cemetery.

Direct Burial or Cremation

A minimal service provided for families who want no services and only an immediate disposition of the deceased either by burial or cremation.

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Honoring Life


The funeral is a celebration of life. We are happy to discuss all options and ensure your funeral is tailored to your wishes. It may be personalized by playing favorite music, pictures, DVD presentation and or bring in personal items to name a few, by donations in lieu of flowers, or by having close friends say a few words during the funeral service.



It is helpful to friends and the community to have an obituary notice published announcing the death and type of service to be held. A notice can be placed in the local Miner & News, Enterprise, any out-of-town newspaper or on the Internet.

After Care


Sometimes the loss of a loved one can be especially painful. We understand that the grieving process does not end with the funeral. We are here not only to help arrange the funeral but to help families cope with the loss of their loved ones. There are a wide variety of grief resources available and we will help to point you in the right direction and begin the healing process.

Death Certificates


We will help you in obtaining a death certificate or any number of Certified Statements of Death that you need.  This is important for settlement of the estate, banking, and insurance purposes as well as a host of other issues.



As an agent for Brookside Memorials in Winnipeg, we can assist you with the design, purchase, and placement of a monument or marker, inscriptions on existing monuments, and columbarium niche panels.  Click the monument to view the many options that we can provide you with and to see the products that are available.

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