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Why plan ahead?

Preplanning your final arrangements can save your family and friends from having to make decisions at a difficult time. It also gives you time to make the right choices.  You can have peace of mind by making your own arrangements now, rather than leaving your loved ones to arrange things alone.  Others will be relieved knowing you have expressed your wishes.  Nothing can take away the pain, but planning ahead will ease the burden.  


Plan your wishes:  Funeral prearrangement simply means that by planning now, you can ensure that your funeral reflects your personal lifestyle, customs, and beliefs.  You can determine your wishes in advance and record them with a licensed Funeral Director.  We understand that this is a difficult issue to talk about, but when making prearrangements, this is the time to ask questions, receive clear answers, and determine the cost.  

Support your wishes:  While there is no requirement to prepay when you make your funeral prearrangements, it does make sense from a financial standpoint.  Prepaying your funeral eases the financial burden that can surround unprepared families and friends at the time of loss.  The principal and all interest remain on deposit until the time of death to cover the increases in cost due to inflation.  Any excess funds will be refunded to your estate and all money is guaranteed, safe and secure.  

Help take the burden off your loved ones by making your end-of-life
decisions in advance, in a calm and thoughtful atmosphere.

Most of us plan for all life's possibilities.  We all need to plan for the inevitable.

Contact us to schedule a meeting, or to receive a free planning guide.     (807) 547-6000

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