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Marilyn Jane Robertson


I did not want an obituary but my fabulous daughter, Janis Marie Wickham-Lindsay wanted one…and I could never refuse her anything.


I was born and raised in Kenora, to Murray and Nora Robertson, both deceased.  I am survived by my husband Hugh, my daughter Janis & Dave, my grandchildren Mavrick & Jade, my siblings: Terry (Chick) Heminger; Dawn Rankin; Peter (Susie) Robertson; John Robertson and the incredible Robertson & Tarran clans;  my extended Syrja family and my bonus grandchildren: Bryce & Drew Syrja (David & Shannon Syrja); Ashley & Julia Lindsay; Brian Gallagher (Kelly).I am also survived by my first husband Ron and his wife Leona.


I am blessed & grateful…to so many:


My husband, Hugh, for always being there for me.  Love you. 


My favourite son-in-law Dave, we have been so fortunate to have you in all of our lives and I know you will continue to look after Janis and my grandchildren now that I am gone.


Mav & my Bird, I always said that being a mother was the greatest joy of my life, until I became a gramma to you two.  Mavrick Jay and Jade Murri Wickham (my favourite grandchild, according to the Bird)… Please, no tears - I love you to the moon and back, all the stars in the sky and the fish in the sea.


My sister, Chick, alias White Shadow, who has been a wonderful caregiver and confidant.  Oh, the fun and laughter we have shared!


The Standard Insurance family. Thank you for the care, compassion and love you have shown, and will undoubtedly continue to show, towards Janis & Dave and my grandchildren.


My first husband Ron, for without you I would not have had our daughter Janis. 


I believe in the after-life and I look forward to meeting all (well, maybe not all) who have passed before me.


Family is so important to me and I have had the very best.  I love you all SO much.  Take care of each other and be happy!


I do not want a funeral, but I would appreciate it if you would like to make a donation to It’s a Dog’s Life in my name.