Obituary - Norman Grandbois 

(Feb 15, 1943 - May 19, 2020)


It is with great sadness that we ask you all to “raise your glass” to give one last toast to a truly remarkable man - Norman Grandbois. On Tuesday, May 19th 2020, just after 11pm, Norm passed away peacefully in his sleep at the Kenora District Hospital. Norm was a fighter like no other and had a tough journey battling cancer for 5 ½ years. Unfortunately, there was no fight left in the man, and the time has come to say “good-bye”. Many of you may not have known about Norm’s fight with cancer, as he continued to work, smile and make people laugh, right until the bitter end.


Norm, or better known as “Stormy”, built his life around family and friendships. As a young man, Norm moved around following construction sites and learning the trade, until he finally set down and settled in Kenora, Ontario. Over the years, Norm built many relationships through his different employment endeavours - as building consultant, carpenter, truck driver, logger, steel worker, Councillor, bus driver and hockey dad. Whatever the job, Norm was committed, reliable and never missed a day of work! 


Norm was, by all definition, a gregarious man. He was extremely outgoing, sociable and loved being in the company of others. His big personality lit up the room... whether that was in a house, at a hockey rink, soccer field, construction site, in a store or at a campsite. That boisterous laugh of his was contagious and could be picked out of any crowd. Those of you who knew Norm would also agree that he had a unique vocabulary, most of which couldn’t be found in an English dictionary. His silly phrases and use of language were used in good humour and would have his audience laughing in tears.


Norm was raised with a set of truly remarkable qualities that he referred to as his “old school” traits. He was extremely humble, loyal and true to his word. He gave countless hours of his service, labour, advice and supervision to hundreds of people... old school - “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” ... but he seldom asked for his back to be scratched in return.


As we mourn the loss of a remarkable man, loving husband, supportive father, grandpa, brother, and true friend and colleague - we are left with his memories, photos and stories we can cherish and share for years to come. Norm lived a full life with no regrets. He will be missed by his wife and caregiver, Cheryl Grandbois, along with his family members, relatives and friends - The Grandbois’, The Wilcott’s, and The Treadway’s. 


Memorial donations may be made in Norm’s name to the Kenora Cancer Unit, at the Kenora District Hospital. Due to the current circumstances, Norm’s official send-off will be postponed until further notice. In the interim, we ask you all to pick out your favourite country song, and “raise your glass” for one last toast in memory of “Stormy” on Friday, May 29th @ 6:00pm. Norm was loved by many, thanks to all of you out there that enriched his life. Happy trails Stormy!